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Twisted Snake's Background

We are an Australian 'Farm to Glass'® nano-distillery, that creates twisted infused spirits from a farm at Harcourt, Victoria.


Twisted Snake as a concept was established back in 2014 partly in an attempt to see if there was a way to innovate small scale farming within Australia. While, this concept took many forms one interesting fact that kept presenting itself was that unlike the wine industry who are terroir fanatical, the whisky industry who are barrel focused, and the craft brewing movement who are largely IBU obsessed - there didn't seem to be the same level of passion about where and how white spirits are distilled. 


From this Twisted Snake was born in 2021, with a commitment to offering regional areas a range of spirits that are Australian made and owned, afforable and primarily distilled from seasonal Australian agricultural produce. 


Meet The Team



Distiller, Farmer & Director

A creator at heart, Nathan found a place to combine his passion for agriculture and distilling by creating 'Twisted Snake'.  After a career in the Army,  Harcourt offered a temperate climate and good growing soil for the 'Farm to Glass'® concept to take off.



Chief Operations Officer & Company Secretary

Growing up on a farm locally, Jess never saw her path leading back to Harcourt. After meeting Nathan in the Army and sharing adventures across Australia,  the country life that Harcourt and the region had to offer seemed like the right place to raise a family and grow 'Twisted Snake' into an innovative and sustainable farming initative.

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