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Balsamic Mixed Berry Infusion

Balsamic Mixed Berry Infusion

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This is a smooth drinking Potato Vodka that has been infused with Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Balsamic Vinegar and Golden Cluster Hops; To fully appreciate this infusion it is best drunk on the rocks or mixed with sparkling mineral water, tonic water or lemonade.  This infusion definitely plays to our ethos of twisted brews and really needs to be tasted to gain a full appreciation; but the best way that it can be described is a full berry flavour but the balsamic vinegar brings through a mild dryness which inturn knocks back the sweetness that is traditionally associated with berries. People who like Port and Red Wine enjoy this infusion straight or on the rocks or if you looking for a refreshingly dry mix then lemonade is the best way to go.  

  • Desiree Potato

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