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As homage to Harcourt - our Harcourt North Dry is nothing like its London Dry cousin (i.e. we have given it a lighter Juniper presence, include no citrus (as we believe the inclusion of lemon, lime etc.  should be your choice) and the botanical profile is more akin to a Genever). 


So if you are interested in a more earthy wholesome tasting Gin (i.e. it is not as sweet) - then look no further than Twisted Snake's Potato (Harcourt North Dry) Gin.






(NB. We can not techically call this a Spiced Rum primarily because its base is Sweet Potato);  Regardless of this technacality, most people can hardly tell the difference other than Venum is alot lighter in taste than a traditional Rum. While this pairs extremly well with Ginger Ale, if you have a history with Rum then Cola is also must try.

  • Desiree Potato

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